Friday, October 06, 2006

could we have a meeting before our regular tuesday one?

Some of the library reading group members met up today at our Ottakar's monthly session (side note: C. J. Sansom spoke to us about his more recent books Sovereign and Winter in Madrid, and answered some questions--he was very lovely) and all of us have voiced our great disappointment about the fact that we seem to have no meeting before Tuesday, or at least before the winner is announced, about the Booker shortlisted books! Sheila or Debbie, would it be possible to meet up on a Monday afternoon, same time, apart from the Tuesday one? I know it's short-notice, but it would be a shame to have been a part of this event, and not even one discussion about the books! this blog was a big help (thank you, Mark, for setting it up!) but unfortunately, only 6 members are here, and such a low number is not really representative of the whole group. I'm sorry to have mentioned it only now, but after having spoken to other members, I realized that I wasn't the only one harbouring these feelings, so I'm thinking there's no harm in making this suggestion. Thanks!


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